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STOP FINGERNAIL BITING AND FINGER CHEWING (Enhanced Formula with Bitrex and Provitamin B5) Prevents biting of nails and cuticles (leading to risk of infections). NO RISK of ADDICTION. Helps children avoid thumbsucking (from 3 years old and up). Tested under pediatric control, very good skin tolerance. BENEFITSContaining Bitrex®, a very bitter ingredient that helps to prevent biting of nails and skin around the nails (risk of infection unsightly nails)! This totally invisible polish also makes the re-growth easy.

$ 18.94

SOFTENS, MOISTURIZES AND REMOVES CUTICLES With Rice Bran and Grape Seed Oils.  Thanks to its mild formula and to its powerful moisturizing power, this gel helps to remove cuticles without damaging the nail and its contour.   Makes the nail healthier and neat looking.  Alkaline-free formula.

$ 18.94

SMOOTHENS AND CORRECTS UNEVEN NAILS  / WITH SILICIUM Evens out irregular nail surfaces and covers the nail with a protective flexible layer to protect it from yellowing caused by colored polishes.  Delivers to the nail fortifying and protective elements that fight against ageing as well as physical and chemical stress (silicium, ginkgo biloba).

$ 18.94

AGAINST FRAGILE, BRITTLE, SPLIT, RIDGED, BITTEN NAILS , DAMAGED NAILS  - WITH A.N.P.® NOURISCHES AND STIMULATES GROWTH - IMMEDIATE MOISTURIZING EFFECT - THE NAIL IS SUPPLE, THE CONTOUR IS HYDRATED  +44% HYDRATION* (one hour after application) Enhances the suppleness and resistance. Hydrates, nourishes, enhances the suppleness, strengthens and protects them from fungal and microbial attacks ensuring a healthy and strong re-growth. Vectorized and reinforced formula: continuous spread of nutrient active ingredients.

$ 19.38

FOR NORMAL AND FRAGILE NAILS - CLEANSES, NOURISHES AND PROTECTS - With Silk Lipesters® and Calendula A GENTLE, MILD FORMULA POLISH REMOVER that eliminates any traces of polish and does not harm the nails and cuticles. Leaves a protective film on the nail and provides nourishing elements (contains silk lipesters complex®, calendula & castor oil).

$ 22.88

THE ULTIMATE LOOK AND FEEL OF LUXURY FOR YOUR NAILS IN 2 EASY STEPSIncluded: 10 ml- .4 fl oz Pink Blush Coat and  1 x 10 ml- .4 fl oz White French Tips Thanks to natural active ingredients, nails become more resistant and nicer. The soft pearl-like finish hides imperfections and reflects light to banish visible flaws. The Luxury French manicure looks healthy and perfect!

$ 22.94

TREATMENT FOR DEHYDRATED AND FRAGILE NAILS, CUTICLES AND HANGNAILS NOURISHES AND HYDRATES INTENSELY THE NAIL AND CONTOUR - with 10 PRECIOUS OILS; Ultra-concentrated formula: 98.7% active ingredients. This ultra-concentrated serum immediately nourishes, thoroughly hydrates and strengthens dry, brittle and damaged nails. It also helps soothe any irritations of nail contour, giving a neat and clean appearance. Reduces hangnails, fortifies the nail.  This serum is recommended for people wearing artificial nails and those looking to grow their own healthy nails. 

$ 18.94

FOR SOFT, BRITTLE OR FRAGILE NAILS OFFERS MAXIMUM RESISTANCE / PROTECTS & STRENGTHENS, PROVIDES THE NAIL WITH FORTIFYING ELEMENTS. Top Coat: fast drying glossy finish and healthy sheen. BENEFITSColorless, offers instant protection against impact! Strengthens and increases the resistance of the nail. Ensures that the polish adheres very firmly. Offers a glossy finish and high transparency for natural nail beauty. Mild formulation.

$ 18.94

FOR SOFT, FRAGILE, PAPER THIN OR PEELING NAILS FORTIFIES, REPAIRS, and PROTECTS THE DEFICIENT NAILS  Protects the nail from microbial attacks - with Silk Lipesters®   Enhances the growth and resistance of nails. Totally invisible, penetrates quickly. Colorless, invisible formula! Repairs and fortifies nails. Naturally stimulates growth for stronger nails. Its innovative formula (with zinc, methionine and salicium) is also enriched with silk lipesters which protect the nail from microbial attack.

$ 18.94
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